What I'm Playing Now - Episode 53

I just finished editing the audio portion of episode 53 and I'm ready to go play some more Dragon Age: Inquisition so I'm gonna make this quick.  I played a bunch of great games this week, starting off with The Castles of Burgundy(number 11 on Board Game Geeks overall board game list) as well as The Resistance: Avalon.  I also broke in my new GTX 970 with The Crew and Dragon Age: Inquisition.  I played a few other games that I talked about and mention one game I would really like to play.  Enjoy the episode.

WIPNcast 052 has been recorded

I have recorded episode 52 of the podcast and have it uploaded to the site.  If you would like to watch the video of the podcast, please watch below.  I talked about the passing of Ralph Baer as well as The Game Awards and Sony's PlayStation Experience.  I also talk about a bunch of games I played this week including, Diamonds, Village, Sheriff of Nottingham, Dice Masters, Pathfinder Adventure Card game as well as a few others.  Hope you enjoy the episode.

Gonna do another Wednesday night Podcast....

Things got a little hectic over here tonight, so it looks like I will do another podcast Wednesday before the Diablo 2 stream on twitch.tv/whatimplayingnow.   I will probably keep the same format as last week which is more oriented around just what I played for the week and pretty much not discuss much news. 

I played a bunch of good games this past week so here's a teaser; Village, Diamonds and Sheriff of Nottingham.  I also started playing a few other video games as well.  I will also be sending my regards in the passing of Ralph Baer the father of video games.  If you are coming to this site, then I am sure you know who he is and what he meant to the industry.

Until Wednesday, keep playing those game and let me know What Your Playing Now!

WIPNcast 051 has been recorded and uploaded

A few days late, but better late than never.  I didn't want to skip this week as I played a bunch of games last week and I wanted to talk about all of them.  I didn't do a video podcast for this episode, so you can find the audio HERE.  I talked about all the games I teased in my last post as well as a few others.  I also hit on a new draft style we tried for Dice Masters where we drafted both Avengers vs. X-men cards as well as Uncanny X-men cards for the draft and it was pretty fun.  Enjoy the episode!

Small podcast delay....

Good evening and welcome to a short delay in my next podcast.  I had a few things come up over the weekend that kind of carried over into tonight but it looks like things should be clearing up.  I was hoping to do a shortened podcast this evening of just What I'm Playing Now as I did play quite a bit this past week.  I will now be recording this Wednesday before the Wayback Wednesday Diablo II show on twitch.  Just as a teaser some of the games I played this past week were, Ascension on android, Five Tribes, Ingenious, Thunder Alley, and Trains: Rising Sun.  I also got a little Dice Master's in this week as well.  I'll just be talking about what I played this week so stay tuned for Wednesday! 

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 50

Good evening and welcome to another What I'm Playing Now Podcast.  Episode 50 has been recorded and is live now.  I started off with a few deals in the What I'm Leeching now section and then jumped into some news stories.  I talked about Microsoft's Xbox One catching up to Sony's PS4 in sales as well as some friendly pirates of Farcry 4 who gave themselves away.  I also discussed one developer who gave away 10 Steam keys for their game on Pirate Bay which sounds like it helped with sales!  I talked about several other news stories as well before jumping into what I played for the week like, Red7, Castles of Mad King Ludwig as well as a few others.  Of course I ended the show with a few games I want to play now.  Enjoy the episode.

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 49

Hey gamers, I recorded episode 49 earlier as I am feeling much better this week.  While I still have a little cough, I think I was able to get through most of the episode without having to do too much editing.  I started off with What I'm Leeching now and then jumped into some news.  We have yet another delay this week with Bloodborne for the PS4 being delayed by one month.  Lot's of board game news this week with Asmodee snatching up Fantasy Flight Games today being the big story of the week.  I covered a few other stories and then of course talked about quite a few games I played this week as well as a few games I just picked up with some birthday money.  Enjoy the episode!

No WIPNcast tonight....

So I've been fighting a cold the past week and tonight while I'm not feeling that bad, I have a cough that would make recording the podcast pretty much impossible.  If I did get one recorded, I would probably have to spend more time editing out the coughing than I spent recording.

Since I was on-call last week for work the list of games I played for the week was not very long.  One of the free PlayStation games for the month was The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.  I actually just cannot stop playing this game.  I played the original on my PC within Steam but playing on the Vita definitely seems like one of my favorite ways to play this game right now.  If you have not played the original, definitely give Rebirth a look.  It is a rogue like game, probably akin to Spelunky, but with a somewhat more twisted of a story line.

Besides that, I did get to participate in a couple more OP rainbow drafts for Dice Master: Uncanny X-Men.  The more I play Uncanny the more I really like this new set.  The combos that I am starting to see are fun and effective and it's very interesting to see what everyone tries to choose when drafting their cards. 

I did have a whole outline put together for today's show, but that will just have to wait for another night once this cough decides to go away.

As always, leave me some comments and don't forget to let me know, what you're playing now!

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 48

Hey gamers, I have episode 48 of the podcast that was just recorded.  I started off with What I'm Leeching now, so get ready for some free game goodness.  I then jumped into some news stories where I talked about Plague Inc. becoming very popular amongst all the Ebola scare.  I also talked about some games being cancelled as well as some being revived.  In the What I'm Playing Now section of the podcast. I covered what I played for the week and talked extensively on my thought about Dice Master: Uncanny X-men.  I then ended the show with What I WANT To Play Now, so I hope you enjoy the episode.

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 47

Hey gamers, Joe here with another episode of the WIPNcast.  I start off sharing with you some of the deals I found for the week then jump into the news stories.  Some of the news stories I discussed were about Hearthstone's delay coming to both Iphone and Android phones, while the Android tablet version is still set to release by the end of 2014.  I mention that Microsoft is now offering $50 bucks off all Xbox One bundles.  So for several of their bundles you can get a game and the console this holiday season for $350 bucks, not a bad deal!!  I also talked about the PS4's 2.0 firmware update which comes out tomorrow as well as a couple other news stories.  Some of the games I played for the week were, Boss Monster, Lords of Xidit, Sid Meier's: Civilization Beyond Earth and of course more Dice Masters!!!  Of course I ended the episode with a few things I WANT to play now.  Enjoy the episode.