What I'm Playing Now - Episode 36

Here is another WIPN podcast.  Number 36 is complete.  I talked about several board games this week as well as a bunch of stuff going on at Twitch.tv.   There are several games either getting remade or trying to make a come back and even a little known developer/publisher is making a comeback.  Some of the game I played for the week were, Trove, Hand of Fate and Civilization V and of course I mention a few things I want to play.  Enjoy the episode!

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 35

Well this was an interesting episode.  I apologize for the small audio gap which I tried to fix in the actual audio podcast that was released.  In this episode of the WIPNcast I talk about EA's new subscription service as well as Sony's PlayStation Now service.  I also mention how many people watched The International as well as how many players played the Destiny beta as well as some other news stories.  A few of the games I played for the week were the board game Terra Mystica, and a new early access game on Steam called Hand of Fate.  Of course I also mention a few things that I want to play.  Enjoy the episode.

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 34

After a week off due to family illness, I am back with another podcast and show about video and board games.   Some of the news stories I discuss for the week are, Xbox One sales, Twitch.TV's host mode, the Shadow of Mordor releasing a week early and a few others.  Some of the game I played these past two weeks were the Destiny Beta for the PS4 as well as the Drive Club beta on the PC.  I also played a little mobile strategy game called Plague Inc.  Of course I finish up the episode with What I Want to Play Now!  Enjoy the show!

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 33

Hey everyone, sorry for the late post on this one.  The podcast for this one and the next podcast may be a little late while I change rss feeds and get the cover art all sorted out.  I'm definitely learning alot doing all this stuff!!!  But here's what I talked about on this show.  A couple of the news stories I discussed were, a board game called Camel Up, Cliffy B's next game, several Microsoft Xbox one stories as well as some Sony news.  I talked about three board games I played at board game night and list several games I am really looking forward to.  Enjoy the podcast. 

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 0032

Here's last nights podcast where I covered a TON of news stories including Ultima Underworld's comback, Lindsay Lohan's suit over GTAV, Cliffy B. coming out of retirement and a bunch of other news stories.  I also discussed several games I played during the week including the Adventure Time: Card Wars game and a few things I'm looking forward to playing, one being the Pathfinder role-playing game.  Enjoy the episode!

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 0031

Here is this past weeks podcast.  I talk about several news stories including the blue Dual Shock 4 controller that is finally coming to the U.S.  Star Citizen hits a new record for crowd funding.  The International for Dota 2 reaches over 10 million in prizes and many other stories.  I also talked about RBI Baseball 14 and Banished which were just two of the games I played during the week.  I finish up the episode with what I'm looking forward to playing.  Enjoy!

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 0030

Hey everyone, I have episode thirty of the podcast here that I recorded the other day.  Even though it was a slow week for news, I was able to find a few good stories to discuss.  It was an interesting week for Minecraft and I'm sure we will be discussing this story on future episodes.  There are several new games coming out that look interesting, including some text adventures coming to Steam.  Who would of thought that text adventures would try to make a comeback and that they would end up on Steam!?  I played quite a few games this week, including Watch_Dogs and Desktop Dungeons as well as several games on my Vita during our lovely power outage last week.  Of course I end the episode mentioning a few games I'd like to play now, enjoy the episode!

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 0029

Hey everyone, here's the video of this weeks podcast.  There was SO much that I talked about, I don't even know how to summarize it all here.  Let's just say that E3 happened, so I talked about it.  I give a recap of what Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo showed during their press conferences and gave a few of my opinions.  Of course I also discussed the games I played for the week, as well as a few things I wouldn't mind getting my hands on from some of those E3 press conferences!!!  Enjoy the episode...

What I'm Playing Now - Episode 0027

Here's yesterday video version of the podcast.  I talk about the Harmonix layoffs and EA's closure of Mythic.  I also touch on the Watch_Dogs PR stunt that went pretty wrong, as well as Nintendo's idea to split YouTube's monetization with YouTuber's.  I also discuss the games I played for the week, and a few things that caught my eye, MORTAL KOMBAT X!!!!!