Episode 4


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  2. Twitter - @whatimplayinnow

  3. Facebook - What I’m Playing Now


News Stories

  1. PS4 sales top 2.1 million -  Microsoft responds with gaming numbers

  2. Sony resetting passwords in WAVES????

  3. The Walking Dead Season 2 from Telltale is scheduled to come out on Dec. 17th on Steam.

  4. VGX - Awards

    1. Game Awards

      1. GTA 5 game of the year

      2. Assassin’s Creed 4 action/adventure game of the year

      3. Studio of the Year was Naughty Dog

      4. Best PC Game - Gone Home

      5. Best Indie Game- Gone Home

    2. Game Trailers

      1. Broken Age   - This game is from Double Fine and looks amazing. Elijah Wood voices main character.

      2. South Park Stick of Truth - will probably be last game I buy on PS3.

      3. Thief - I love the thief series.

      4. Witcher 3  - Graphics look awesome!

      5. Hello Games and their game No Man’s Sky   (interview)  This Indie dev flew himself out to the VGX awards and showed the youtube clip below.

        1. youtube video for No Man’s Sky

What I’m Playing Now

  1. FIFA 14

  2. FTL

  3. Assassin’s Creed IV - I’m a pirate BITCH!!!!!!!

  4. Assassin’s Creed IV companion app on Android

    1. Kenway’s Fleet minigame

  5. Knack quest - another match 3 game that unlocks items in the Knack game.  Too little too late.

  6. Terraria

What I WANT to play Now!

  1. South Park Stick of Truth

  2. No Man’s Sky

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