WIPNcast 10

News Stories

  1. How long to beat  (never saw this before) - This looks AMAZING!!! - Joe’s solution to the P4G problem ^-^

  2. King - maker of Candy Crush saga

  3. Microsoft acquires Gears of War from franchise from Epic

  4. Must Watch Moar Clannad!

  5. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Frame Rate Comparison Between Xbone and PS4 - Conclusion? PS4 Kinda wins?? Babality?

  6. This…. ehh… The most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all year?

  7. GTA V Meets Rapture - Where’s Elizabeth?

  8. Dude tries to reach the Far Lands in Minecraft by walking. Three years later, he’s not really even close to being done.


What I’m Playing Now

  1. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

  2. Skyrim - Dragonborn


What I WANT to play Now!

  1. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

  2. Jazzpunk

  3. Final Fantasy XII (Just bought the Collectors Edition - Should be here by Friday!! *squee*)

  4. Fallout New Vegas - Lonesome Road