WIPNcast 037

News Stories (Gencon and Gamescom all in one week)

  1. Star Wars Imperial Assault Board game
    a. More information on Imperial Assault
  2. ID @ Xbox games coming to Xbox One
    a. Blues and Bullets
    b. Cuphead
    c. Dungeon of the Endless
    d. Fruit Ninja Kinect 2
    e. Funk of Titans
    f. Ghost of a Tale
    g. Goat Simulator (which has sold nearly 1mill copies already)
    h. Gunscape
    i. Massive Chalice
    j. Inside
    k. Knight Squad
    l. Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time
    m. #IDARB
    n. No Time to Explain
    o. Plauge Inc: Evolved
    p. Rivals of Aether
    q. Smite
    r. SlashDash
    s. Space Engineers
    t. Spectra
    u. Pneuma: Breath of Life
    v. Threes
    w. The Escapists
    x. Volgarr the Viking
    y. Speed Runners
    z. SuperHot
  3. Evolve Beta goes live in January for Xbox One
  4. 13 years later Runescape gets first expansion
  5. PS4 system update 2.0 announced
    a. PS4 Share only in 60 minute increments
    b. Sony announces 10mill PS4’s sold
    c. Playstation TV releasing in October
  6. Xbox may be underdog but fight is far from over
  7. Walking Dead pinball
  8. Sega Genesis 25 years old
  9. No Man’s Sky size is HUGE
  10. Golem Arcana released at Gencon a. Games website

What I’m Playing Now

  1. Hand of Fate
  2. Civilization V
  3. Rogue Legacy
  4. Sushi GO!
  5. Fleet
  6. Alien Frontiers

What I WANT to play Now!

  1. Pathfinder Adventure card game Skull and Shackles
  2. Pathfinder PnP rpg game