What I'm Playing Now - Episode 47

Hey gamers, Joe here with another episode of the WIPNcast.  I start off sharing with you some of the deals I found for the week then jump into the news stories.  Some of the news stories I discussed were about Hearthstone's delay coming to both Iphone and Android phones, while the Android tablet version is still set to release by the end of 2014.  I mention that Microsoft is now offering $50 bucks off all Xbox One bundles.  So for several of their bundles you can get a game and the console this holiday season for $350 bucks, not a bad deal!!  I also talked about the PS4's 2.0 firmware update which comes out tomorrow as well as a couple other news stories.  Some of the games I played for the week were, Boss Monster, Lords of Xidit, Sid Meier's: Civilization Beyond Earth and of course more Dice Masters!!!  Of course I ended the episode with a few things I WANT to play now.  Enjoy the episode.