No WIPNcast tonight....

So I've been fighting a cold the past week and tonight while I'm not feeling that bad, I have a cough that would make recording the podcast pretty much impossible.  If I did get one recorded, I would probably have to spend more time editing out the coughing than I spent recording.

Since I was on-call last week for work the list of games I played for the week was not very long.  One of the free PlayStation games for the month was The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.  I actually just cannot stop playing this game.  I played the original on my PC within Steam but playing on the Vita definitely seems like one of my favorite ways to play this game right now.  If you have not played the original, definitely give Rebirth a look.  It is a rogue like game, probably akin to Spelunky, but with a somewhat more twisted of a story line.

Besides that, I did get to participate in a couple more OP rainbow drafts for Dice Master: Uncanny X-Men.  The more I play Uncanny the more I really like this new set.  The combos that I am starting to see are fun and effective and it's very interesting to see what everyone tries to choose when drafting their cards. 

I did have a whole outline put together for today's show, but that will just have to wait for another night once this cough decides to go away.

As always, leave me some comments and don't forget to let me know, what you're playing now!