What I'm Playing Now - Episode 40

Hey gamers I have another podcast for you.  I talk about some great sales in the What I'm Leeching now part of the show.  For the news stories, I discuss a couple of Microsoft Xbox One articles as well as Samsung's new cell powered VR headset as well as a bunch of other stories.  A few of the games I played for the week were Project: Gorgon and Hex TCG as well as several others.  Of course I finish the show talking about What I Want to Play Now.  Enjoy the episode!

(Just a little post edit here.  During the What I'm Leeching part of the show I mentioned that Humble Bundle was giving away a game a day and I was mistaken.  They are only giving away a free game on Monday's during the sale.  So yesterday was the first free game and next Monday there should be another one.  Sorry for any confusion)