What I'm Playing Now - Episode 55 (audio only)

Hey everyone, I just recorded and posted episode 55 of the podcast, the first one for 2015.  Wow, another year over and so many games to play.  I was able to play a few good games this week, but the one I think I spent the most time playing was 7 days to die.  I'm really enjoying this zombie survival game and can't wait to start playing some co-op with this.  I ran a couple of really good scenarios for the organized play of the Pathfinder Adventure Card game and even though we ran out of time on both occasions, I think everyone still had a good time.  We'll continue to work on our team work and we will beat the villains!  I played a few other games and of course I ended the episode where I talked about a few things I'm looking forward to.  Enjoy the episode!!!