WIPNcast 115

So heavy Euro games have definitely become a favorite of mine over the years.  More pieces, moving components and more thinking just really intrigue me as a game player.  This past week I played Clinic.  This is a game you may not have heard of and even if you have, may have trouble finding someone locally with a copy of this game.  The initial print run for this game was literally only a couple of hundred.  I had heard about this game from both Rahdo as well as from various Facebook groups I belong to and I figured if I ever waned to play this game, I would need to obtain my own copy of it.  I did that a few weeks ago and I have to say, that this game is definitely worth it.  I haven't even touched the expansions yet and the base game is just so much fun and there is so much to it, I cannot wait to play this game again. 

I also continued playing some Pathfinder Adventures as well as some more 7 days to die, which I can't seem to stop playing on my PC.