Origins Day 3

So yesterday was a busy day with a lot of games played as well as several interviews conducted.  By the time I ate dinner and sat down for a few minutes I crashed.  So here's an early morning update from yesterday. 

The first booth I visited yesterday was the North Star Games booth.  I was shown an early preview of the app they are creating for the game Evolution.  It sounds like they are in alpha testing right now and it will be released on Steam(for PC), as well as Android and iOS.  The early preview that I was shown was actually very well done.  The UI was very intuitive and the tutorial explained the game quite well.  There were some really fun animations that were added into some of the cards to just give the app that little bit more.  One of the really cool things that I was shown was that the more food that is in the watering hole, the more lush the vegetation is around the screen, which may seem like a small addition, but when you are playing the game its these little things that set apart a good game to make it a great one.  I will definitely be following the development of this game as Evolution will make a great game to add to my app collection.

After that I was shown several of the new additions coming out to the actual physical edition of Evolution.  There is a redesign coming for the main Evolution game with a smaller box footprint as well as a smaller price point.  The game includes a smaller watering hole and screens instead of bags for you food scoring, but the game still looks great.  There is also a new neoprene mat coming out which can be used in place of the board for Evolution: Climate.  If you already own climate and you aren't keen on the puzzle piece board, then this very nice double sided mat may be exactly what you are looking for to use in your game.  One last thing you will notice in the picture below is a new boxed game with the Evolution name on it called Evolution: The Beginning.  This game is actually a stand alone game from the rest of the Evolution line and while game play looks similar to the Evolution, this game is played strictly with cards.  I didn't have time to demo this one, but I am very interested in seeing how this one plays.

The last thing I saw at their booth was a new addition to the Wits and Wagers Party game which is a huge two sided neoprene mat which looks amazing.  I was informed that this will be hitting Kickstarter and I have a feeling that Wits and Wagers Party players will really like what this will add to the game.  Check out the pictures below.

As you can see, North Star Games has been keeping busy and it looks like they are continuing to expand on some great lines of games.  I can't wait to see what else we are going to see from them.

I did see much more on day 3 of my Origins visit, but I am writing this one up before hitting the show floor on Saturday and I think I'm going to have to finish writing about the rest of my day later as I need to get to the show floor to see more games!