Studio Update - Early Troubles

First of all, we want to thank everyone who's taken the time to visit our site, listen to our podcast and subscribe to our audio feed. We really appreciate it.

That being said, we've run into some issues from the get-go that were causing problems in all sorts of areas. Putting aside the life-related issues that I myself have been facing and those that Joe has been dealing with, we've had a fair amount of technical issues and we're still slowly working to overcome them.

Last night we scored a major victory and seemingly by accident as well as our audio feed now has the audio show as an enclosure in the subscription. Prior to last night, if you subscribed to our feed, all you would get was the Show Notes and not the audio file for the show itself. We went back and forth with Squarespace for some time on this matter and while we're still not sure what they did, if anything, to correct the issue, the feed is working properly now. I've been holding off on adding the rest of the shows that we've done since episode one because we were actually looking at alternative hosting services due to the silence from Squarespace. Now that it appears to be working, I'll start updating the Show Notes a little more and also uploading the completed episodes.

Speaking of the Show Notes, I've forgotten to add the credits for the artists who composed the tracks that I've used for the bumpers in the episodes. I was tossing around the idea of adding an audio clip to the end of the show giving credits but I think it might be easier if I just add the credits as a link to the FMA page for the artist as well as containing the license the podcast itself is under. This will be corrected as well.

In summary, most of the technical hurdles have been tackled and things should be ready to move along in the direction of getting better rather than just tripping over our shoe laces on silly things. The show will be back live this Monday on YouTube via Google Hangouts and I'm thinking we should do something a little Christmas-like to drum up the Holiday Spirit!

Thanks for everything!