Just wrote a Jazzpunk review...

Over the weekend I had a chance to sit down and play through the game Jazzpunk.  The game was developed by Necrophone Games out of Canada, a small development studio of basically just a couple of guys.  The game was published by none other than Adult Swim Games and this should pretty much sum up what type of game this is going to be, AWESOME! 

The game is set as a 50's style spy thriller where you are the one that needs to save the day.  But there is a small twist to this of course being published by Adult Swim Games and that would be the comedy that is vibrantly rich throughout the game.  From the video trailer that was put out before the game was sold, I knew this game would be quite different than most of the others I was currently playing and boy did Jazzpunk live up to that trailer.

The game is divided up into different chapters and each chapter has you exploring and discovering a world that has a unique and interesting look to it as well as enough laughs to make even the harshest critic crack a smile.  I myself cannot remember a game where I literally laughed and chuckled my way through it from beginning to end.  I noticed right from the beginning that this would be a game where you would definitely want to interact with pretty much every NPC in the game, so as you didn't miss a thing.  Each chapter you came across was set in a different locale and each little comedy bit I found, felt like a small morsel to a huge dinner that was being served.  There aren't much to the controls of the game, which makes it that much easier to just want to explore and interact with the colorful and funny world before you. 

I don't want to go too much into the game itself and spoil anything as the game is not one of extreme length.  But if you are fan of anything on Adult Swim, or if you love a good laugh from pop culture, then this game will definitely be worth the price of admission.  From fart jokes to movie references to the many geek tributes that are paid throughout the game, all gamers will not be able to avoid the laughter that this game will provide.  Some of the art style even brought me back to my days of watching Ren and Stimpy which to this day holds a special place in my heart. 

The game can be found on Steam, or directly through the developers website.   It is currently on sale but only for a little bit longer and it is definitely a game that you do not want to pass up.  I can completely say that this game should be on your list of what you want to play now!