WIPNcast 12

News Stories

  1. Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Release Date Confirmed; Ken Levine says it might be longer than Episode 1!

  2. Flappy Bird was making 50K a day and is being pulled of stores on Sunday

    1. Flappy Bird goes away and phones with it on there are phones with it installed being sold for stupid ludicrous amounts of money!

  3. Amazon acquires developer Double Helix?!

  4. Peter Molyneux thinks the way EA handled Dungeon Keeper was wrong.

    1. EA’s response to all the criticism on Dungeon Keeper

  5. World of Warcraft subs on the RISE?

  6. New racing mmo announced called World of Speed

  7. Watch Dogs release date kind of set

  8. PS Vita Slim OFFICIALLY coming to US


What I’m Playing Now

  1. Achievement Get! - PS3 and Preorder for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII Collectors Edition - Will not have this on street launch but will be here shortly afterward - Collectors Edition purchase also enters you into a contest to win a sweet Final Fantasy XIII package with a special PS3 and some FFXIII swag

  2. Skyrim - Thieves Guild Quests - Mercer Frey is a dick!

  3. The Walking Dead - RISK

  4. TONS of shit from PS+ on my Vita and it’s new 64gb memory card!!!  I think I’ve installed over 25 games from PS+ and crossbuy.  I may need another 64gb card soon!

  5. Jazzpunk - Finished it!  Bugs and all!


What I WANT to play Now!

  1. My Pathfinder card game!!!

  2. WATCH DOGS!!!  gimme gimme gimme gimme