WIPNcast 013

News Stories

  1. FLAPPY BERT!!!  Best knockoff I have EVER seen.

  2. Titanfall Beta began. (several additional stories on bottom of page)

    1. interesting development article on titanfall

  3. Nintendo Direct

  4. Harmonix making a musical FPS names Chroma?


What I’m Playing Now

  1. The Last of Us - I actually finished this already!

  2. Persona 4 Arena

  3. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Pseudo-Live Unboxing!) - Mostly because I’ll already have it unboxed by the time we go to air but I’ll put it all back in and make it look like I’m unboxing it for the first time.

  4. Dangonronpa Trigger Happy Havoc!!!!

  5. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


What I WANT to play Now!

South Park, The Stick of Truth  (opening gameplay looks AWESOME)