My first box insert

So tonight I had to skip Dice Masters as I had some stuff to do around the house.  I was able to get in some time in my office and put together my first purchased box insert for a game.  I have both sets of the Pathfinder Adventure Card game and I transport the Skull and Shackles box quite a bit for Organize Play.  The last time I was moving it in my car I tipped it sideways a little bit and cards ended up on top of each other.  I started searching for inserts and found a really nice one at  This insert is very nice and was pretty easy to put together. It took me a few extra minutes as I did glue the main pieces together with some wood glue to it was nice and sturdy in the box.  Here is the finished, still drying, product.

I have to say, this makes the box look incredibly professional.  I also think that with the side being so high, that I don't have to worry about tipping this box just a little bit and ending up having card go everywhere.  Once I get the box fully populated tomorrow night, I will do some tests and report back with how everything goes.