The finished product!

So last night I posted about the box insert I picked up from for my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Skull and Shackles box.  I let the insert sit in the box overnight just to make sure that the corners that I glued were good and cured and this is the finished product.

I have to say.  I am very pleased with this insert.  It looks outstanding and you don't have to worry about keeping the box flat as the cards will NOT move from their sections.  I tipped the box upside down and actually shook it a little and there was not one card out of place.  I was able to use the extra space on the side to hold a couple of the adventure decks that we haven't opened up for organized play yet which is very handy.  There are plenty of extra dividers included, so if you don't have the full set opened to fill up its section, you can put the dividers in there to keep the cards in place and then more or remove them as you add additional cards.  I will definitely be picking up a second one of these inserts for my Rise of the Runelords box as this insert does such a great job and looks so good.