First night at Origins 2017

So we made the short trip down south and are just waiting for #Origins2017 to begin.  This will be my first time at Origins and I really can't wait to see some of the new games that are going to be at the show. 

As my wife and I were walking around earlier this evening I took several photos of what to expect if you are coming down to the convention.


Tomorrow morning we will get our badges and hopefully begin gaming.  I also want to try True Dungeons while I am here as that looks to be something I want to try at least once.  There are so many things I have planned I have no idea if I will have enough time in the day to cover it all.  I plan on trying to make nightly posts with updates like this and possibly some during the day as well if I have any downtime. 

So let's have a great con everyone and get to playing some games!