First game played was The Godfather: Corleone's Empire

All I can say is wow.   I have read a lot about this game as well watched some videos on it and this game has definitely lived up to the hype I had for it. 

I just got finished demoing a five player game where we played through 3 acts of the game.  The second and third acts were definitely much more aggressive than the first and there were quite a few family members that ended up in the river. 

In this game you're going to be placing one of two types of family members around the board to take various actions.  Not only do you want to complete these actions, but you also want to have majority control in different areas as at the end of the round you get to place a token there signifying this.  We found out very quickly how powerful control was as when a player takes an action where you control, it activates for you as well. 

Not only are you trying to accomplish area control, but the missions you complete go into your suitcase to assist you in end game scoring for having the most of either of the colored missions in the game.  You also need to try to stash away as much money as you can each turn into your suitcase as each round you will have to go down to a predetermined amount of cards.  The second round of the game I had a huge stack of cards I couldn't play as I couldn't complete the missions nor could I bank the money so it was all contributed back to The Don. 

The game appears to also have quite a bit of replayability as the tiles that come out during the game in regards to actions you can take will be random, so you can't necessarily utilize the same strategy with each play.  Plus the randomness in the mission cards that will enter play will make you change strategy as you will need to obtain different resources to complete each one.

It sounds like this game should be released right before Gencon and I can honestly say I can't wait to get this game into my collection.

I'll try to upload some more picture once I get some taken with my good camera instead of just with my phone.